CONSEILS DÉCO Creating a Mood Board Creating a mood board is an important step in the interior design process, as it allows you to visually communicate your ideas and establish a cohesive design concept for the room. Here’s how you can create a mood board when designing the interior of a room: Gather inspiration: Start […]


CONSEILS DÉCO Colors Colour can have a significant impact on our mood and emotions. Different colours can evoke different feelings, emotions, and reactions in individuals. Here are some ways that colour can impact our mood: Red: Red is a bold and energising colour that can evoke feelings of passion, excitement, and intensity. It is often […]


DESIGN TIPS Create a picture wall A picture wall is a great way to showcase a collection of art, photos, or other decorative pieces. Here are some tips on how to create a good picture wall:   Plan the layout: Before hanging anything, plan the layout of your picture wall. Consider the available wall space, […]


DESIGN TIPS Lighting A good lighting scheme is essential in interior design for several reasons:   Enhances the aesthetics: Good lighting can accentuate the design elements of a space, highlighting its strengths and minimising its weaknesses. It can set the mood of a room and create an inviting ambiance that can elevate the overall appeal […]


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DESIGN TIPS The importance of decluttering Before starting any design project, it is essential to ‘de-clutter’ and think very carefully about storage.  Keep only what you like and what is essential and get rid of the rest – it’s great therapy!     If you want the energy to flow freely through your home, imagine […]