Domaine Dolomieu

The Domaine de Dolomieu is an incredible project situated in the heart of the Rhône Alpes region of France.  This colossal project of 1 500 m2 will incorporate a luxurious 5 star hotel, 2 restaurants, a Lounge Bar and a Spa. We have meticulously redesigned the whole of the Château, inspired by the history of this extraordinary building and the famous geologist «Déodat Gratet» who lived there during the 18th century.


We designed many pieces of bespoke furniture for this project, made essentially from locally sourced walnut wood. Ostentatious lighting and beautiful fabrics have been used throughout to enhance the elegance and luxurious aspect of this unique building.


By far our most prestigious and challenging project to date and one we will be extremely proud to share with you, once it is completed in late 2022.